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Quran and Islamic Studies

·        Quran Translation & Commentary
Quran : Original Arabic with Translations in all major languageshttp://tanzil.net
Quran Reading [Arabic Script]
1. Online Quran Reading [Scanned Pages]
Quran English Translation
1. Towards Understanding the Quran (Islamic-Foundation, UK)  
 2. Assan Quran [Arabic, Urdu]

Quranic Topics

 Quran English Translation and Commentary
1. (a) Tafheemul Quran in English [Towards Understanding the Quran]
    (b) Display Layout 2      (c) Display Layout 3
2. Maariful Quran in English (Ref: Islamibayanaat.com)
3. Dawatul Quran in English (Idara Dawatul Quran, India)
4. Tafsir Ibn Kathir in English (Tafsir.com)
Quran Study Guidelines and Resources
1. A Survey of English Translations of the Quran (Ref: Soundvision.com)
2. Way to the Quran [Quran Study Guide] (Ref: Youngmuslims.ca)
3. An Introduction to the Understanding of the Qur'an (Ref: Iiu.edu.my)
4. Quran Word to Word Translation (Ref: Emuslim.com)
5. Quran Vocabulary (Ref: Emuslim.com)6. An Index to the Quran (Ref: Usc.edu
 Hadith - Sayings of Prophet (s.a.)

Criticism of Quran

Hadith Collections 1. The Prophetic Way of Life (Rah-e-Amal) / [Scanned Pages]
2. The Provision for Akhirah (Zad-e-Rah) / [Scanned Pages]
3. Riyad as Saliheen (Ref: Guidedways.com)
Hadith Study Guidelines and Resources
1. The Science of Hadith (Ref: Islamic-awareness.org)
2. The Prevalence of Concocted and Weak Traditions (Hadith)

Biography of Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] [Seerah ]

1. Holy Life of Hazrat Muhammad (Hayyat-e-Tayyaba) (Ref:Al-Islamforall.org)
2. Muhammad (pbuh) The Benefactor of Humanity(ProphetMuhammadforall)
3. Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum (The Sealed Nectar) (Ref: Witness.pioneer.org)
4. Short Biographies of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) (Ref: Authours Link)
    1. The Prophet of Islam - Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah 
    2. Blessing for Mankind - Dr. Jamal Badawi
    3. Life of Prophet Muhammad - M.M.Pickthall
    4. Prophet Muhammad - Ibn Kathir
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“The Message of the Qur’an Translation & Commentary By Muhammad Asad [Leopold Weiss]

 Handbook for Every One- Urdu and English "تعريف عام بدين الإسلام"
This Handbook is meant for Muslims and Non Muslims, extracted from translation of famous Arabic book; “Tarif-e-Am-be-din-Islam” "تعريف عام بدين الإسلام" by world renowned Arab scholar “Sheikh Ali Tantawi”. Millions of people have benefited the world over during last four decades.
1.       Unique Handbook-Islam-English-pdf "تعريف عام بدين الإسلام"
2.        Handbook of Islam-htmhttp://endeavour-peace.page.tl/Islam-eAZ.htm


Interfaith Books and liks:
  1. A Pragmatic Way to Faith:
  2. Religion & Reasoning:
  3. Is There God?
  4. Jesus Christianity & Bible:
  5. Gospel of Barnabas :
  6. Jesus in Islam and Christianity:
  7. Theory of Evolution- Bible, Quran pdf:
  8. Is Islam Really A Threat to West?
  9. Islamophobia & Response:
  10. Judaism  (11 articles)
  11. Jerusalem, Bible, Qur’an & History.pdf
  12. Muslim-Christian Dialogue
  13. Son of Who?
  14. Comparison of Islamic-Christian Codes:
  15. Abraham’s Legacy -pdf:
  16. Common Issues-Muslims, Jews& Christians:
  17. Islam, Judaism & Christianity-Common Aspects:
  18. Comparison- Judaism, Islam & Christianity:
  19. The Clash of Faiths: