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Jews, Muslims, Christians- Issues

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  1. Jews and Muslims, Different Creed?
  2. Is There Anti Semitism in The Qur’an?
  3. Israel: Attitudes toward Christians
  4. interfaith Dialogue
Some Questions, Answers & Comments

  1. There is a lot of controversy between the Islamic society and the Judaic society, why?
  2. Is there some kind of doctrinal battle?
  3. Everyone keeps citing the verse 2:96, but it is out of context. What is the context surrounding the statement made there, and didn’t Muhammad treat the Jews like brothers?
  4. Muhammad believed that we were all children of God, and that this was more important than nationality or tribal heredity. So why is it that so many Muslims have such a problem with the Israelites, and why do so many Jews seem to hate the Muslims?
  5. Will there be peace between Muslims, Jews, and Christians?
  6. Will Jews go to hell like pagans and other unbelievers?
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Zionism, Israel & Pelistine:

History of Israel:Power Point Slide Show

Jews, Muslims & Christians Issues:

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