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Proof of Islam - Videos by Abdurraheem Green

Lanky, blonde, green-eyed, Abdurraheem Green appears to be a character straight out of the Hollywood movie "Ben Hur". He was born to British parents in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in 1964. He attended a famous Roman Catholic monastic school called Ampleforth College and proceeded to study history at the University of London. He was dissatisfied with Christianity since the age of eight, and was practicing Buddhism for nearly three years, though he never formally accepted it. After reading the Quran, he embraced Islam in 1988, and has since been a very active da‘iyah (caller to Allah). Presently, he is working with an Islamic media company based in England and is involved in da’wah activities including lectures on Islam in London’s famous Hyde Park, where he is well known for his efforts at the “Speaker’s Corner”.
Here Abdur Raheem Green embarks on a journey, a journey to take you through a very amazing and interesting topic and that is the proof that Islam is the Truth. In this series of episodes, he shows that Islam truly is the religion that has been revealed by Allah, the creator of the heavens and the Earth for the guidance and the benefit of all the humanity.

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