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Presently the societies are in a state of ideological confusion and flux. Materialism, terrorism, ignorance and intolera...



Quran-Pedia is a voluntary, e-Forum for objective analytical study of Quran, revered by billions as the last revealed scripture after Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Basic concept of Quran remains monotheistic;112:1-4, 25:73, 10:24, 60:7-9,5:82, 22:40, 45:14-15, 3:64-65,2:62, 33:39, 3:104, 103:3. An everlasting message for guidance of humanity, also referred as 'The Last Testament'. The Forum is managed by Abbujak [Aftab KhanMA, MBA,LADSC(USA)] a freelance writer involved in research of scriptures of Semitic religions. His research work is periodically published, also freely available at blogs/links given at the end of this page.

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"The Message of Quran" is the English translation of meanings of Quran. The original Quran is in Arabic, any translation being human work can not be substitute to the original word of Allah. However it may help those not familiar with Arabic in understanding of message of Quran. 8 MB, PDF file may be viewed or downloaded here... Quran-English.
The following  guide would help in getting acquainted  in understanding of Quran:-