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Presently the societies are in a state of ideological confusion and flux. Materialism, terrorism, ignorance and intolera...


Interfaith Links

An outstandingly comprehensive website that touches upon all the absurdities, contradictions & corruptions found in the Bible -- scroll down for the list)
Certainly one of my personal favourite. They type of website which no Christian would want you to see. But be CAUTIONED! This is an Atheist website that attacks certain aspects of Isa al-Masih (as) and the Christian faith which Muslims regard as true (e.g. the virgin birth, miracles, etc). You must choose your arguments with great care.
This website is run by bro. Sami Zaatari, one of the internet's foremost Muslim debater with vast knowledge of comparative religion & Christian polemics. Alhamdulillah! You can also find his videos in YouTube.
A comprehensive catalogue of horrors & atrocities committed by Christians throughout the centuries. Very good & factual response to those who allege Islam is violent & inhuman.
Every Muslim student of comparative religion needs to be acquainted to this remarkable website. It contains a series of articles as well as high-quality video lectures & debates by contemporary preachers & debaters of Islam. Take note of their presentations & use their arguments in your debates for resounding effect