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Letter by Prrophet Muhammad (pbuh) - copy

This is copy of the letter which was sent by The Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)to the Governor of Bahrain Munzir Bin Sawa Al Tamimi from more than 1400 year to invite him to Islam.
English Translation of Letter :
May peace be on you! I praise Allah, Who is One and there none to be worshipped but except Him. I bear evidence to the Oneness of Allah and that I am a servant of Allah and His Prophet.

Thereafter I remind you of Allah. Whoever accepts admonition does it for his own good.

Whoever followed my messengers and acted in accordance their guidance; he, in fact, accepted my advice.

My messengers have highly praised your behavior. You shall continue in your present office. You should remain faithful to and His Prophet.

I accept your recommendation regarding the people of Bahrain. I forgive the offences of the offenders.

Therefore, you may also forgive them Of the people of Bahrain whoever want to continue in their Jewish or Majusi faith, should be made to pay Jizia.
Seal: Allah’s Prophet Muhammad.

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